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Luxury Marketing

Marketing is everything in Real Estate.


Professional Photography

I use a form of Photography called "Light Painting" which blends dark and light photos together. These photos are then merged and enhanced in post-production softwares to make the highest quality photography in the Real Estate Industry.

International Marketing

More than ever, our world is connected through innovations like the internet, social media, and the ability to travel so easily. Vancouver is a global city which means it is important to market your home both locally and internationally. Our Exclusive Marketing and Sales Network showcases your home to more buyers in British Columbia, across Canada, and around the World. 

With partners like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Juwai, and more, we maximize the exposure of your home to qualified buyers. Regardless of price or property type, all of our listings are featured with the following companies.


Drone Photography

Drone photography has brought an entirely new perspective to Real Estate. Whether it's an apartment building or a house, I believe drone's should be incorporated when marketing properties.

1000 Beach Ave_LOWRES-2_edited.jpg

Cinematic Films

Cinematic Real Estate Videos are short films which capture the property and neighbourhood using high quality camera's and drones.


High Quality Property Brochures

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